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В.С. Булатов

СГ «Летучая Мышь», Москва, Россия, bulatov63@inbox.ru

Short Article
V.S. Bulatov

Letuchaya mysh spelestological group, Moscow, Russia

The Bat spelestological group continued studying the quarries in the Douginsky ravine left slope (Leninsky district, Moscow region). Both underground quarries and limestone open pits, having partially destroyed the underground structures, are widespread in that area. During the work, a large underground quarry fragment was opened with two exploration pits. It was named Peschianaya (The Sand cave). Later it was connected with another stand-alone part of the quarry, previously named Glinyanaya (The Clay cave) with driving an exploration gallery in the wall backfilling. The quarry system consists of two ramified galleries, both of dendritic pattern. The total length of the quarry system, eventually named Peschiano-Glinyanaya, reaches 480 meters, its amplitude is 4.5 meters. The galleries run beneath the slope for 80 meters and spread along the ravine for more than 110 meters. The galleries were roughly changed with collapses, multiple rock piles appeared inside. Small karst cavities were opened with the quarries. The large part of the quarry system was heavily flooded with clay and sand sediments. In the past the quarries were partially reinforced with timber. So-called “stone circles” were found inside. Foxes, voles and bats (at least of two genera: plecotus and nyctalus) inhabit the quarry system.

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